Challenger Training seeks to embed confidence in all stakeholders that the services supplied measure up to rigorous standards and meet all legislative requirements.

Challenger Training has a framework in place to ensure that problems experienced by trainers, learners, employees or all other stakeholders are addressed immediately, effectively, professionally, confidentially and with transparency. The initial framework has been designed to address complaints, however there is also an acknowledgement that in some cases an alternative measure may need to be explored and each complaint is treated with high importance and uniqueness. Challenger Training has an open and transparent policy on complaints and asks that all students/learners follow the steps provided before a formal complaint or appeal is submitted. If all steps are completed and the issue/complaint is not resolved we do ask that a formal complaint/appeal be lodged so it can be addressed in a different manner that may bring satisfaction to the complainant:

A full copy of the Complaints and Appeals Policy is available from the office and Challenger Training staff will be happy to explain any part of the policy to ensure you are comfortable with the process.

If you would like to make a formal complaint or appeal, please click here to download our Complaints and Appeals Form. All completed Complaints and Appeals Forms will need to be emailed to